What is the value of a free newspaper?

Talking to a friend yesterday about all of the free newspaper distributors in London.

(For those unfamiliar with the backstory – Metro, distributed from racks in Tube stations in the morning, has been joined by two evening freebies thelondonpaper and Londonlite, while the Evening Standard now has a free version handed out at lunchtime. All of which means if you pass by Euston Station, as I do quite often, you could collect enough newspapers in one day to have destroyed a small forest.)

I haven’t seen any overall figures, but the Tube is certainly seeing the effect, to the tune of a 43 per cent increase in newspaper waste.

There really is a problem that these days material objects are so cheap, they are literally given away…

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    Glad someone else noticed this. Have posted on todays editions here:


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