An excellent portrait of the Green Party

… astonishingly to be found in the Financial Times magazine.

As you’d expect, it is rather good on explaining the fundamentally different foundations of Green economics:

If George W. Bush didn’t exist, the Green party would have had to invent him. The saboteur of Kyoto is the embodiment of what the Green Economics Institute calls homo economicus – “a western, white, middle-class man, [whose] standard model in economics has left out most of the experiences of most people in the world”. By contrast, the Greens emphasise that the Greek root of economics, “oikia”, means “home”, leading them to accentuate the “care, reciprocity, direct production and maintenance of human beings” as opposed to “competitive production and exchange in markets”.

And who can resist quoting this sentence, on climate change? Not me.

The other thing the Greens have going for them is that they are, in essence, right.

This seems a good place to point out the absolute last and final call for green bloggers: if you are one and you think Jim on The Daily (Maybe) might not know about you, pop over to leave your URL. It is your last chance to go down in history – well at least on the first-ever listing of the top 100 green bloggers.

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    Excellent article indeed, thanks!

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