Britblog Roundup No 180

Let’s start with the big stuff – we can officially declare that civilisation has come to an end. Camden Kiwi explains.

And old categories of sexuality are inadequate says Penny Red.

Then, shock horror, Jim on The Daily (Maybe) finds The Sun employing some heavy Photoshopping.

Since it’s summer, some time for holiday reading: Molly on Gaian Economics came late to Cider with Rosie and finds it worth the wait. While Investigations of a Dog is staying resolutely at work, considering the gender of war horses.

Still in books: On the F-word, Abby explores a range of fictional characters who are
both fat and content. I think “the hefty fairy” sounds lovely – good for five-year-olds of all body shapes.

And summer’s time for travel: Huw on My Thoughts Exactly charts a day in Granada.

Going pictorial, Rashbre’s whale-watching in Canada and Ruth on Meanwhile Here in France is watching the lavender harvest. And Unmitigated England is reflecting back on summers (and winters past), and a lost road.

But Susanne on Suz Blog is staying home with a summer project – tracing her family tree. She explains how. And, Diamond Geezer reports, a great many people are getting started on the London Olympic stadium.

And despite the sunshine, Douglas on Scribo Ergo Sum has been taking in The Dark Knight.

Okay – there ends the entertainment, now sit down down and pay attention….

Matt on The Wardman Wire is campaigning for blogger Dave Walker. (This is the introduction to the case – from an eight-post series; well worth following through.

On the Karadzic case, Charles Crawford collects a range of views and others his thoughts on international justice.

And I seem to recall there was a byelection last week – Craig Murray offers thoughts on the process of the count at Glasgow East, while Cicero reflects on what it means for the future of the Union.

And finally on the political side, a bicycle got stolen. And a lot of fuss was made, just because it belonged to David Cameron…

Turning to a spot of blogland navel-gazing, Paul Linford reminds us that it is guide to political blogging time again; and Kate on Cruella-blog hosts the 25th Carnival of Socialism.

If you missed last week’s while on holiday, it was on Liberal England. Next week the carnival moves on to The Wardman Wire.
You can find out more about the carnival here.

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