Britblog Roundup No 186

Welcome to this slightly belated edition of the Britblog roundup – delayed by my overly hopeful estimation that I’d be able to fit in compilation in odd spare moments of the Green Party annual conference, which finished this afternoon.

But since that’s where I’ve been, I have to begin with a reference to the newly launched Green Home – modelled on you know what – where you’ll find (down the side) the latest posts from 68 Green blogs, although the focus in the big print is on several posts a day selected by the editors.

Staying on the conference, but from the Lib Dem perspective, Quarquam Blog is indicating concern about the election of Caroline Lucas as the first Green Party leader. But on the group blog from the conference, Green Despatches, Doug finds that she’s too ‘establishment’ for some.

Just down the road in Bloomsbury, the tone was getting even more bestial – the lions and unicorn are once again roaming free on St George. Meanwhile Lady Bracknell has been braving arachnophobia and the weather, and the pigeons of London have been having look-alike contests – topical ones – since they’ve found their own Sarah Palin.

In the special category of humans mistaken for animals however, Norfolk Blogger has a don’t miss it if you need a laugh – no I won’t provide any hints to spoil the fun…

(Lest I be accused of being unbalanced let me also add that Ukip had its conference over the weekend, and Wonko’s World offers some thoughts on its direction.)

Back on Sarah Palin, Jim on The Daily (Maybe) is trying to leave her family life alone, but she won’t let him, and Heresy Corner suggests that the bulldog metaphor might come back to haunt her. Looking more broadly at a big week in the US election campaign, Mick Fealty deconstructs the key speeches. And Penny Red is reflecting on the explosive reaction her post on the subject received on Liberal Conspiracy.

Moving away from politics, to a spot of poetry – which promises originality, not literary larceny.

But perhaps you’d prefer historic travel – which the Diamond Geezer has been exploring in Mayfair. Or some pure history – Elizabeth Chadwick is reconstructing the life of William Marshal’s firstborn daughter Mahelt (born c. 1193).

Also travelling, at least vicariously, is Jonathan on Liberal England, offering his thoughts on sat nav.

Getting back into the politics, Stroppyblog has a guest post about the approaching inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes. And HarpyMarx reports on another upcoming court case – involving an art work showing Jesus with an erection, while the Ministry of Truth offers some highly illuminating background to the case. (And I hate to think what sort of searchers that link phrase will attract…)

And Tom Reynolds is asking some tough questions about a maternataxi run. Why is a 15-year-old having her third baby?

Not coincidentally, I’m going to point next to a post on the F-word about how the manager of an NHS eating disorders clinic managed to get away with coercing several young women patients into “relationships” for 20 years.

Now you might think of Brighton as a lovely place to live, but it would appear from Ben’s post on life expectancy figures there.

Also, Archbishop Cranmer reflects on new rules for religious schools, KT Dodge asks if the stamp duty change will kick start the housing market and A Very British Dude reflects on the Russians, the EU and the Eastern Europeans.

And that concludes this week’s roundup. Next up I believe is Jonathan, who’ll be collating from the Lib Dem conference. I do hope they have good Wifi in the bar…

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