Britblog Roundup No 198

News-wise it’s been one hell of a week. I’m going to put these into the main categories to make it manageable…

1. Mumbai: Sid on Pickled Politics assembles what’s know about the
alleged attacking group, Lashkar-e-Taiba, while Sunny on the same site contemplates what India might do next.

Blood and Treasure contemplates possible Pakistani involvement, Charles Crawford considers the tactical implications.

2. The economy: Jonathan Porritt, Sunny Hundal, the Daily Mash, and the Diamond Geezer takes a hands-on approach to studying Woolworths’ downfall.

3. The arrest of Damian Green: Craig Murray can hear the jackboots and A Very British Dude says this is the way the world ends and Mick Fealty wonders what the Speaker was doing.

4. Violence Against Women 16 days: the F-Word addresses asylum and rape.

5. The Baby P-case: Lynne Featherstone has seen the serious case review, and is in no doubt that it should be published, and on Heresy Corner, the Facebook Furies are comprehensively slapped down.

6. Miscellaneous politics: the Bristling Badger (great name for a blog), considers a report on climate change technofixes, Jim wonders just how horrible we can be to each other. How can any of us get to the bus stop without being murdered?

And Stumbling and Mumbling explains why Andrew Lansley is a prat who got it right then got it wrong, while Rhetorically Speaking dissects Melanie Phillips in search of logic and Liberal England looks at Phil Willis’s view of university education.

Rather close to home to me, in Camden on Theo’s blog there’s some links made between praise on the environment and political posts, and over the border in Islington a fellow Britblog Host, Suz Blog, has an account of an eviction of an alleged anti-social neighbour.

Okay, you can take a lungful of air after that lot … but there is a blogging world outside politics and world affairs – and it can even be more fun….

To begin, an account of a top secret, dangerous mission.

Ruscombe Green’s guest blogger, a marine historian, explains how he’s been saving an extraordinary graveyard (for boats), but Unmitigated England couldn’t save a mighty fallen giant.

Penny Red’s been trying to found a New Left Media (well not all on her own), while High On Rebellion sets out her views on the Guardian’s coverage of feminism.

On An Overgrown Path pays tribute to Richard Hickox.

Almost finally, let’s have a treble of light relief: Elizabeth Chadwick’s been contemplating how we depict medieval garderobes and their use. Why has King John got his hose around his ankles?

And Kate Smurthwaite’s been finding the real reason for stripping in Mr Stringfellow’s clubs…

And Lady Bracknell’s got the final solution to sorting out those coots and moorhens.

Then really finally, perhaps the most important post of the week, from The Misssy M Missives, how to get through your office Christmas party.

I think that’s quite a large enough collection to keep you going for a week… Next week the roundup will be on Redemption Blues. If you’d like to nominate a post (and please do), email britblog AT gmail DOT com.

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