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Philobiblon started life in July 2004 as a mostly women’s history blog, back in the days when newsreaders still said “a blog is an online diary” every time they used the word. Back then I was working on a history book that became a series of four history books that I still hope to get back to one day. History still has a strong place, although usually with a political slant.

Where does the name come from? This early post explains. And this blog also has a “patron saint”, Anne Clifford.

It’s charted quite a bit of my political life since I joined the Green Party in January 2006, and these days is mostly a books blog (often to record readings/ideas/facts for myself, as well as to share with others – that’s why you’ll often find page references), with an occasional line in short commentary/linkage that won’t fit on Twitter.

A few favourite posts from over the years:

Green politics


Women’s history

You’ll also find me on the Camden Green Party blog, and my theatre and arts reviews on My London Your London.

I was the founder of the Carnival of Feminists, and am still a books editor on Blogcritics.org. You can find more about me on my personal website.

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    Why are you preaching to the British people when you’re Australian?? I’ll tell you what we’ll swap you for Tony Abbott, you go back to Australia and we’ll send Tony back here where he was born!

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